My girlfriend is pregnant. Now what?

Once there is an indication that your girlfriend may be pregnant, it is important for her to take a pregnancy test. This will confirm whether or not she is pregnant, which will help you take some considerations and make decisions. Remember, it is important to be there for your girlfriend throughout this process. Remain emotionally available and help her through this process. Here are some important steps to take after the pregnancy is confirmed :

  • Learn more about your options.
    It is important that you and your girlfriend receive information about what your options are. We can provide this information for you and help you find a plan that works for you. 
  • Listen to her thoughts and feelings.
    Let your girlfriend know that she can be open and honest with you about everything she is experiencing. What is she excited about? What is she afraid of? 
  • Share your thoughts and feelings.
    Communication is extremely important. If you are open and honest about your side of things, you will gain trust and confidence with one another. What are you excited about? What are you afraid of? 
  • Consider talking to others that you are close with and that you can trust. 
  • Make sure she knows just how important she is to you. 
  • Explore your options together and seek out whatever help you need to make an informed decision